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Monday Night Mic Results & Spoilers (01/24)

Monday Night Mic opened up with a One on One challenge as Marcus Meyhem visits The Asylum as he defeats Brother Moses. During the match, D-Sycho attempted to distract Meyhem, only to have Foul Mouth Aussie appear and take him out the the back.

After the match, InterMedia Champion, Doomsayer appeared on screen mocking Meyhem's efforts.

House Of Morrison defeated Gary Got'em and FoSho in Tag Team Action!

The 4's Chris Radford and Bronson defeated Elite Champion, Mr.Awesome and Diego Diamond in Tag Team action. Mr.Awesome inadvertently struck Diego Diamond during the match causing Diamond to react and strike him back. Scott Chambers ran down, taking advantage of the situation and attacking Mr.Awesome to ultimately eliminate him from the match. Ultimately causing Awesome and Diamond the match.

It should be noted, Tony Morrison (1/2 of the AOW Tag Team Champions? was looking on backstage.

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