Monday Night Mic Results & Spoilers (7/19)

Updated: Oct 3

Monday Night Mic was coming off "AOW vs. The World (Part 1: Canada)" which took place earlier Monday Morning. The 4 (United Nations Champion) Scott Chambers and (InterMedia Champion) Doomsayer defeated House Of Morrison for the Tag Team Championships.

The Morrisons and The 4 made it back in time for Monday Night Mic. As they took part in the nights festivities.

Austin Morrison defeated Owen F.U. (Funk Urban) formerly known as Dean Mox. Louey Bullets (Owen's partner) attempted to once again interfere as he did in their last meeting. Anthony Morrison however, intervened and put a stop to Bullets interfering which allowed Austin to score the pin fall.

Meyhem defeated The Purge via disqualification as Mace Anarchy pulled the ref out as the ref was ready to make the 3 count. Mace and Purge attacked Meyhem after the match laying him out to exact revenge from Mayhem's last week victory over Mace.

Bishop Dvante D and Carl Hunter Price went to a NO CONTEST as Bishop attacked CHP before the match started. Bishop brutally attacked CHP with a chair in the aisle and later in the ring. Bishop then addressed the AOW Board and demanded a fair rematch to his Brass title.

Slim Trimmons made his return to the Arts addressing the Arts Society under a new attitude and diet referring to himself as "Sugar-Free" Slim Trimmons.

The 4 interrupted Warchain as Warchain announced a contract signing for Baret Lavoe and Foul Mouth Aussie next week. The 4 (Scott Chambers and Doomsayer) made their way to the ring and proceeded to celebrate their recent championship victories.

Scott Chambers then reveals Bruiser Bronson as the newest 4 member and the man recently behind the masked attacks.

He then turns his attention towards Warchain and dared him to show up next week. Chambers stated if Warchain showed up next week, he would have to prepare to face consequences. Warchain responded with anger and accepted WarChain's invitation.

Stay tuned next week for what seems to be a history making Monday Night Mic episode which happens to be the Go-Home show to Independence Day.

Warchain vs. The 4 (Match type unknown)

Baret Lavoe/Foul Mouth Aussie Independence Day Contract Signing

& much More....

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